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Breathe easy after you get complete trash and debris removal from Davis Disposal Service Inc. You'll get total peace of mind.

Call us to have your junk and debris removed from your property today!


If you have a ton of garbage to get rid of, Davis Disposal Service Inc is the perfect company for the job - we do bulk trash removal for commercial properties.


You can get professional help in clearing out your construction site. We will supply dumpsters for construction clean-up and demolition, and you can pick the appropriate sized dumpster that's necessary for the completion of your job. From clearing out specific rooms on your property all the way to hauling the garbage away and depositing it for you - when you work with us, you'll always get complete assistance from start to finish.

Look after the environment

Clear out your property promptly

Our eco-conscious staff won't just haul everything to 1 landfill or dump site.


Instead, we have recycling programs available so trash and recyclables are separated and go to the right places.